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Santa Hat Challenge

Downtown Brockton on
Saturday, November 28th at 12 noon

Put on Your Santa hat for the largest gathering of Santa Hats on the planet:

Brockton is the home of the first department store Santa Claus. 
In 1890 James Edgar the owner of the largest department store in New England 
at the time brought the famous Thomas Nast illustration to life 
and created a tradition that has become a memory for everyone across America.

To honor James Edgar and his love for children the people of Brockton established the
Santa Hat Challenge several years ago.

The Challenge today is to follow these simple steps:

1. Put on your Santa Hat

2. Take a selfie

3. Post it to your Facebook page and proclaim
"I took the Santa Hat Challenge!"

4. Make a gift to the Jimmy Fund for 125 nickels ($6.25),
dimes ($12.50, or quarters ($31.50)

5. Post this on your Facebook page and challenge
all your friends to join in the fun in

Downtown Brockton on Saturday, November 28th at 12 noon.

Put on Your Santa hat for the largest gathering of Santa Hats on the planet:
Thank you to everyone that accepts the Challenge! - See more at:

Join the Santa Hat Challenge! James Edgar, 1st department store Santa



You too can join us and come together in The 7th Annual Santa Hat Challenge!!
Send us your video and come together with us to set a record of the most people wearing
Santa hats around the world all in the spirit of Mr. James Edgar


In November of 2008, the elves at thought it was time to bring attention to a great Brocktonian,
Mr. James Edgar.  “Uncle Jim” as he was fondly called by the children of Brockton, to tell the story of how he became America’s
First Department Store Santa.  The Santa Hat Challenge was created to bring awareness of Mr. Edgar’s generosity and
philanthropy to the children of Brockton Massachusetts.  Santa Hats (sponsored by Signature Healthcare) were distributed
throughout the city along with a history lesson of Mr. James Edgar and a date was organized
to set a world record of the most
people wearing Santa hats, all in his honor.

The first year over 500 people gathered in front of a plaque (donated by Good Samaritan Medical Center) dedicated to Mr. Edgar
at the location of the original Edgars Department store in Downtown Brockton.
  The following year the Irish Echo reported
that Mullingar Ireland joined in on the fun and broke Brockton’s record by gathering 780 people subsequently a brotherhood
was bonded between the two cities.  Later in November of that year Brockton reclaimed the record with 982 and in 2011
set a new record with 1780.

In 2012 Brockton and Mullingar agreed to join forces to attempt the first ever Live Simulcast of The Santa Hat Challenge
by gathering the most people wearing Santa Hats Intercontinentally.  This incredible endeavor will bond our communities
forever and help spread the word of the story of Mr. James Edgar becoming the First Department Store Santa in 1890,
a tradition which has lasted over 112 years bringing joy to children all over the world.
Santa Hat Challenge Countdown

Mr. Edgar is an original charter member of the Santa Claus Hall of Fame. 
To read more about this generous and philanthropic man you can visit or

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