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The Santa Hat Challenge 2012 - Mrs. Claus Melbourne Australia - The Santa Claus Magic Shrink Machine-11/16/2012

4,000 Santa Hats-11/16/2012

Santa Hat day message from Guzman-11/17-2012

Brockton says Hello to Mullingar Ireland part 1--11/15/2012

Brockton says Hello to Mullingar Ireland part 2--11/15/2012 

Brockton reclaims Santa Hat Record-11-21-2010
The City of Champions has set a new world record, according to city officials. Brockton
has smashed the 700-person record of greatest number of people at one time in one
place wearing a Santa Claus hat. That record belonged to Mullingar, Ireland – until now.

Brockton Holiday Parade 25th year anniversary

Greater Brockton Holiday Parade Intro 2010